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Directed by Dominik Czech
O fimie


     We meet the protagonist as he leaves prison after serving a five-year sentence for battery and resulting manslaughter. At the time of his release from prison, he has no plan for his life. He is now 25 years old and has spent most of his early adulthood locked up. So he doesn't quite know what it's like to 'be an adult' outside the prison walls. At home, he is faced with an alcohol-addicted mother and the spectre of eviction for his mother's unpaid rent bills.
    The difficult situation the protagonist finds himself in forces him to deal with all sorts of institutions and try to find a job. We follow his journey through visits to the job centre, participation in rehabilitation programmes for people with criminal records and unsuccessful attempts to find employment. 
    Eventually, however, the protagonist manages to find a job and seems to start getting back on his feet by resolving a difficult situation. However, it turns out that he is cheated by one of his employers and then he is faced with a dilemma - should he go back to his familiar ways of conflict resolution?
    How to deal with injustice and an extremely unsupportive environment?



     Social change can be initiated by various factors. We believe that cinema can be the first step towards it.

     By addressing the extremely important topic of the rehabilitation of convicted persons in early adulthood, we give the viewer the opportunity to reflect and analyse their own point of view. We prompt them to reflect on their own attitude towards marginalised people, thereby extending a helping hand to the main character. The chance he is given is not an attempt to whitewash his behaviour or views, it merely indicates that without the help of the rest of society, the transformation will not happen.



NOBODY / NIKT (2019) - Film directed by Dominik Czech
Dominik Czech

NOBODY / NIKT (2019) - Film directed by Dominik Czech

Wiesław Kot (3).jpg

WIESŁAW KOT - film critic

"Nobody", directed by Dominik Czech, is a moving study of the loneliness of a man who has been sidelined by the whirlwind of life. He is insignificant, superfluous. Not that he bothers anyone, no - he has simply become transparent.


Lech Dyblik's acting is focused, subdued, played out in half-gestures, half-tones, half-words. He turns what is most important into silence.


The author shows his character insight, understanding and tenderness at the same time. He subjects him to an almost surgical examination, but at the same time composes his portrait with the passion of an artist.

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